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What people are saying about Guitar512

Pat was the very first guitar instructor that my son had and is THE reason he is still playing. Pat ‘got’ my kid and always knew exactly the right way to approach him. He is incredibly patient, understanding, non-judgmental, flexible and most importantly – just a very cool guy! We are very grateful for the two years Pat spend with us and we will miss him greatly! Whoever gets Pat as an instructor is lucky to have him!

Elina L.

Pat has been my son’s guitar teacher for the past 2 years and he was wonderful. His personality and ability to connect with his students really set him apart from the other teachers we have found. The level of patience and understanding that he had with a sometimes reluctant novice student made him a perfect fit for my son. We are so sorry to see him go and wish him nothing but the best for him. Thanks Pat!

Paul T.

Working with Pat was a huge help in getting me out of the rut that my guitar playing had fallen in for years. He balanced theory and technique in a way that came through clearly and was very applicable to my interests as a guitar player. After working with him I can say that it has reawakened my love for the instrument and my desire to keep improving. Not to mention he’s a great dude!

Daniel G.

Pat is great! He’s a wonderful teacher and really caters lessons to the student. For example, I was really looking to learn how to accompany myself while singing so a lot of our lessons are focused on getting to that point and improving my rhythm while playing. He always picks songs from artists I love and has no problem following up with me outside of lessons if I’m struggling with something. Would definitely recommend!

Amanda H.

Pat has done an excellent job teaching my wife ukulele to use in her classroom. He has been patient and encouraging, leading to great results. My wife has shown great improvement in a relatively short amount of time. Pat has been good about teaching her songs she requests and proactively suggesting others. He is very responsive to email questions. We highly recommend him!

Tim S.

Pat is a great instructor for all ages. I took up guitar at 58 and he made me feel like I could do anything. He is a great technician, but focuses on teaching people at the level where they feel comfortable and can grow from – whether you are just beginning or have some experience, Pat can help you advance your music goals to the next level. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a great instruction experience.

Susan S.

I am so lucky to have found Pat. He is an incredible teacher, and I am learning so much from him. He is creative, patient and incredibly talented. You would be hard pressed to find a better teacher!

Bonnie G.

Pat has been a wonderful instructor to my 11 yr old daughter. We are really proud of the progress she has made with guitar, and willingness to practice. He is kind, patient, reliable, professional, and encouraging. He knows how to bring out the best, and stimulate interest in learning. He relates with music that my daughter loves, but still manages to incorporate music theory and classic techniques into his lessons. She is always excited and motivated to conquer each new song or lesson. Best of all, we don’t have to harp on her to practice. Pat has a great teaching style, and we highly recommend him.

Linda R.

Pat is an excellent instructor and my 13 year old son is always excited to go and practiced because he wants to impress him.

Sarah G.

Pat has been a great instructor for our 9 year old. We appreciate how he works with her music interests while teaching her proper technique and how to read music. She looks forward to lessons AND practice.

Beth T.

What Guitar512 can do for you

Guitar512 offers premium quality acoustic and electric guitar lessons to adults, children, and teenagers in Austin Texas, as well as through Skype. Because I’m a professional guitar teacher, you’ll have consistent personalized guitar lessons. You won’t have to deal with the pitfalls of taking lessons at a large corporate music school. These include frequent cancellations, noise from adjacent lesson rooms, and never knowing when you may be passed on to a different teacher. Guitar512 is my personal teaching business so I give my students the care and attention they deserve.

I’ve been playing guitar for 21 years, am a Berklee college of music alumnus, and have taught thousands of guitar lessons over my 12 year professional teaching career. I’m patient, experienced, and really enjoy coaching students in the art of guitar playing. Just some of the things my students receive are custom written music charts, tablature sheets, written chord shapes, chord rhythm charts, and instructional videos to accompany every lesson taken with me. I also welcome students or students’ parents contacting me directly, outside of lessons with questions about practice material. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have years of playing experience, you’ll receive customized, fun guitar lessons, that cater to your personal goals in a relaxed environment.

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Playing guitar is about muscle memory. Whatever the practice material, whether it be a scale, arpeggio, guitar solo, melody line or chord progression etc…repetition is the way to learn it. For longer parts an even better way, is to repeat just a small piece of the melody line or chord progression, then learn the next small piece, afterwards piecing them together. Think of these songs as puzzles, the fastest way to move forward with them is by learning small sections and putting them together. Through learning guitar melody lines, you’ll be playing notes of the scales they’re derived from. Here’s an example of the guitar part from I’m so sorry – Imagine Dragons, and the scale that it comes from, the E minor pentatonic scale.

Music is one of the most amazing parts of the human experience so why not play it? You can! Like anything else you have to just jump in and see what happens. You are capable, it only requires practice (which is relaxing, meditative, spiritually rewarding/super fun), and proper guidance. This is where I come in. I’ve been doing this full time for a long time and I really love what I do. I will definitely be having fun during our lessons, so there’s quite a good chance that you will too.

You don’t want to take guitar lessons from this guy right? He seems smart but I think I’d be drooling on my desk in his class. Oh and by the way, you’re first guitar lesson is also FREE! So no drool and more money!

Play BEFORE you pay and book your FREE lesson now through my online calendar!

Just CLICK the date of your choosing on the calendar, and PICK which time you’d like to have your FREE lesson!

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