My Top 5 Favorite Guitarists

I guess my 5 fav’s were chosen mainly for their relation to that ever so important word when it comes to guitar playing, STYLE. In fact these guys have it all…technical ability, applied knowledge, style, work ethic, and not to mention God given natural ability!

Jeff Beck

He may be the best at both melting your heart, and on the complete opposite side of the feeling spectrum…getting you Amped up! Whenever I listen to this guy I’m in awe of how he can play with as much feeling as he does. Oh and btw he doesn’t use a pick but can still play sixteenth notes as fast as he wants to…wth?! Check out Jeff Beck Live at Ronnie Scott’s on YouTube.

Scott Henderson

I lovingly describe Scott Henderson as Jeff Beck on steroids. That is all.

Robben Ford

I’m pretty sure Robben has perfect pitch, which basically means he instantly knows what a note is by hearing it. I saw him at a 100 seat club in the Northeast called FTC(Fairfield Theatre Company) and it was a treat. He has super unique tone that just makes you listen. Also using a smorgasbord of fresh note selection, Robben is in my top 3 Fav’s.

Guthrie Govan

I think a lot of guitarists consider Guthrie to be “it” when it comes to guitarists nowadays. Listen to “Waves” and you’ll hear a completely unique and technically innovative way of playing the guitar, while at the same time listening to something that really hits you in the feelers.

Steely Dan Guitarists

So I’m cheating on my last selection here but I couldn’t pick just one. Donald Fagen and Walter Becker(R.I.P.) along with many “hired gun” studio musicians made some of the best recordings ever, and are my all time favorite group. Guitar solos from the songs Kid Charlemagne, Haitian Divorce, Peg, Chain Lightning, My Old School, Home at Last, Don’t take Alive, Night by Night, Reelin in the years, and Bodhisattva are some real gems to check out. Although these tracks have guitar solos by different guitarists, they can still be filed under one group name. Steely Dan. So there, maybe I’m not cheating.

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