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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you a qualified guitar teacher?2018-11-20T12:46:10+00:00

I studied at and received a scholarship to Berklee college of music in Boston MA, have been playing guitar for 21 years, and teaching for 12. I’m also a professional musician, singer, and songwriter.

What styles of music do you teach?2018-11-20T15:21:32+00:00

I teach acoustic and electric guitar in the styles of rock, pop, jazz fusion, funk, r&b, folk, finger picking, travis picking, and country in no particular order.

Do you teach beginners?2018-11-20T15:22:25+00:00

I love teaching anyone and especially beginners. I’m very patient and it’s great to see people find out that they can play guitar!

Do you teach kids?2018-11-20T15:24:24+00:00

I love working with kids. There are teachers who are unwilling to work with children, but throughout my teaching career most of my students have started with me as young beginners. I teach students as young as 7. As long as young students are learning age friendly material, and they practice, they’ll do just fine. Also, depending on their height, 1/4 or 1/2 size guitars are often recommended for young children.

Can you read music and teach it?2018-11-20T15:25:10+00:00

Yes, and I strongly encourage that my young beginner students read music as part of their lessons. Studies have shown that there are developmental advantages for children learning to read music. Kid’s minds are malleable at this age and the benefits of solidifying this skill and information early on have great overall effects. Most adult students aren’t too concerned with reading music, and this is totally fine! You don’t need to know how to read music notation in order to play guitar. It does however help one understand how the instrument works, and opens up possibilities for greater knowledge, but you can still be a great guitar player without reading music!

Do you teach music theory?2018-11-20T15:25:57+00:00

If you’re interested in learning theory I can teach you, but you don’t need to learn theory in order to play guitar and that’s totally ok! Most of what I teach in regards to music theory will be written on paper and analyzed before applying it to the guitar. But no sweat if it’s not your thing!

Do you have a waiting area?2018-11-20T15:26:46+00:00

I have 2! You can choose to wait on a big comfy couch in the music studio area, or a smaller comfy couch in the separate waiting area.

Should I have my own guitar or does Guitar512 provide one?2018-11-20T15:27:59+00:00

I have guitars available for use here, but you’ll need your own to practice with at home. If you don’t own a guitar and aren’t ready to purchase one, Rock N’ Roll Rentals rents guitars for less than $3 a day!

What will my first guitar lesson be like?2018-11-20T15:29:12+00:00

After talking a bit about goals, musical interests, and seeing you play (no pressure!), we’ll move into proper material on the very first lesson. Whether it be the chords of a song, scales, or a lead guitar part etc…you’ll go home with material to practice that you’ll be able to learn your very first week of playing guitar.

Can you teach improvisation?2018-11-20T15:30:06+00:00

Yes I can. Much of the ability to improvise on guitar comes from learning guitar solos and “licks” of favorite guitarists. This is a simple and effective way to learn.

Learning and applying theoretical knowledge that solos and licks are derived from, such as arpeggios, scales, triads, and chords, also expands one’s ability to improvise. These things will inevitably come up while learning songs. I can properly guide my students to this information as it avails itself, but the extent that we pursue it is totally up to the student. In other words if you just want to learn guitar solos that’s totally ok!

Can you teach me a song you’ve never heard before?2018-11-20T15:30:52+00:00

I can listen to any song you’d like to learn and instantly write a precise music chart with the exact chords, rhythm, and/or lead guitar part. I also have plenty of songs in my repertoire from my years of teaching and playing experience. Teaching songs that people love is not only fun for both of us, but through them you’ll learn chords, technique, melodies, and scales. This is perhaps the best way to learn guitar.

Can I teach myself guitar through YouTube?2018-11-20T15:31:32+00:00

You sure can, but you’ll miss out on proper guidance, especially when it comes to technique and preventing bad habits. I think of myself as a guitar coach. Although there’s a wealth of information on sites like YouTube, It’s important to have a professional guiding you through your learning journey.

How much do lessons cost?2018-11-20T15:32:13+00:00

I charge $35 per half hour lesson and $60 per hour lesson. You can purchase lessons in groups of 5, 10, or 20. If you buy 10 lessons you get one free, and if you buy 20 lessons you get two for free.

Where are you located?2018-11-20T15:33:11+00:00

I teach out of my home studio in South Austin located at 2501 Thornton road in the 78704 area.

Does playing guitar improve memory, language, and test scores?2018-11-20T15:35:22+00:00

Yes! Here are a couple excerpts from an article written on the topic via latest in literacy, child development, and all things DM Ed).

Psychologists say that “learning to play a musical instrument seems to have a far broader effect on the brain and mental function, and improves other abilities that are seemingly unrelated.”

Neuropsychologist, Charlotte Loveday, writes…“Music reaches parts of the brain that other things can’t…It’s a strong cognitive stimulus that grows the brain in a way that nothing else does, and the evidence that musical training enhances things like working memory and language is very robust.”

Great when can I start?2018-12-17T12:13:06+00:00

Right now! Play BEFORE you pay and book your FREE lesson now through my online calendar.

Just CLICK the date of your choosing on the calendar, and PICK which time you’d like to have your FREE lesson!